v1.8.1, Upcoming Features, Poll

New announcements! You can get v1.8.1 right here! What’s new in this version is mainly just some bug fixes, such as making sure that resetting the Lesson / Vocabulary review data works properly and some things that may have caused a crash.

What’s Upcoming

Right now, for the Windows Phone version, I’m working on making the live tiles and other images/icons use larger images when applicable so that they’re not blurry when used on devices with higher resolution screens. I have to say that the larger background images look incredible! Look forward to these in an update in the near future!
Here’s a sample of the different resolutions with the new version on the right. The released version may be slightly different.

The Poll

Have you shared any words or phrases with anyone, such as on your social networks or via text messaging? Give your answer in the comments!


1.8 is in the marketplace

Thanks to everyone who has used the app, left reviews, posted on Facebook and Twitter, and submitted bug reports and ideas. I’m pleased to inform everyone that v1.8 is out!

What’s New

Improved dictionary search
I was able to improve the relevancy of the dictionary search results. There is a limitation, however, this new search method finds exact word matches, meaning that, for example, if you’re looking for the word “cats,” if the dictionary entry is “cat,” then that result won’t show up. Likewise, searching for “cat” will not return “cats” or “cat’s.”

Other bug and stability fixes
It seems that some users have had issues with the lessons or vocabulary being blank after updating. This update should fix that.

If you want to be an early adopter, you can Grab the update here!

Other News

I’m working every day to port the app to Windows 8. I would love to hear some of your ideas of things that you think would be good additions or changes in the comments below!

v1.8 Dictionary improved and 1.7 released

I just thought I’d let everyone know that v1.7 is in the marketplace as of today, download it here! Also, while working on something else, I discovered a way to improve the dictionary database search’s relevancy. Here’s some screenshots of the differences. The picture on the left, the new one, starts with the first result, while the one on the right is scrolled down to about the sixth result. Hope you enjoy!


1.6.2 is ready and 1.7 is on the way!

kana screenshotHello everyone. I’m here to announce a few things. The first is that, if you have been having issues of not being able to use the lessons or vocabulary, the fix is out, along with some minor changes, which you can download here.

The second announcement is that 1.7 makes the kana writing section load more quickly. I made similar changes to the Hiragana and Katakana that I made to the Lessons and Vocabulary, so they’ll load more quickly. I also changed the style of the example words a bit so that they are more like what’s used in the lessons. I hope you enjoy! Please keep sending me your feedback and don’t forget to share words and phrases on Facebook and Twitter! Doing so would greatly help to spread the word, which would be much appreciated, if you can!

Unforeseen bug in 1.5.0

I have to apologize to everyone that has downloaded v1.5.0 and had issues. I just downloaded the update from the marketplace (I have three versions on my phone) and discovered that the lessons don’t show up. I don’t know why, as I can’t test it and this issue never showed up during development. For now, it looks like new installs work correctly, so, if you have downloaded the update and are having this issue, you’ll need to reinstall the app. If you have already purchased the app, you will not be required to pay again. I’m so sorry for for all of the trouble that I have caused you; it’s really embarrassing.

The benefit of this download is that the lessons and vocabulary load more quickly. If you wish to have this benefit, you are welcome to try the download, though you may have to lose your current lesson and vocabulary progress. I’m so sorry.

I am currently working to fix the problem, though it will be difficult, since I am unable to reproduce it. Also, version 1.6.1 is currently awaiting approval, so I won’t be able to upload anything until that goes through.

Again, I’m terribly sorry. Please let me know via email if you have or have not had this issue and how the reinstalls fared for you.

EDIT: I was able to get an error report and I have a fix ready. It should be ready in 1.6.2. I will make another post when it is safe to download without needing to reinstall, as 1.6.1 will be released first.

Toast Notification in 1.6

developer post toast notificationAnother addition has been made to Japanese Hub! Now, you will be presented with a toast notification whenever there’s a new message from the developer. This is help you to both stay in the know with what’s going on with Japanese Hub as well as to make sure that you don’t miss any Japanese lesson or culture bonuses that are included in the posts, such as the bonus Japanese culture note included in the post, “Japanese Hub Now On FB/Twitter, Emoticons.”

I hope to add some bonuses through this method and to eventually add more lessons, as there are some things that I couldn’t include because I wanted to include something else. For now, my focus has been to improve this app and to port it to window 8.

Thank you all for your continued use of Japanese Hub!

Fixed the review list, Have you had problems, other changes

Another update. I just discovered a problem with the Review List items not showing up. I’m not sure when this problem was introduced, as I don’t recall having the issue in earlier versions. But, it’s now fixed and will be out in v1.5.1 in probably a week, as v1.5.0 has to be approved, first. So sorry for the inconvenience for everyone. It’s really embarrassing to have such an important part of the app break and not realize it. Have any of you had problems with this? If so, let me know when you noticed it in the comments!

There is another change in this update. When saving a Kanji to the list, the Hiragana/Katakana now shows up in the Rōmaji spot and can be hidden, whereas, before, it was above and couldn’t be hidden.

As always, any suggestions or complaints are always welcome! Just send an email under the feedback section or leave a comment on the blog, or even twitter @JapaneseHub.