Japanese Hub with voice commands

speech1A few weeks ago, I promised you guys that something good was coming and here it is: voice commands. Japanese Hub has been fully upgraded to Windows Phone 8 and now supports voice commands and speech recognition in English, Spanish (Spain), French, and Portuguese. With these, you can:

  • search the dictionary
  • go to the next or last lesson, vocabulary, writing, or kanji section
  • take a test on anything

The dictionary’s speech recognition can be used in languages that are not your phone’s default language if that language is installed as a speech recognition language (under your phone’s Settings > Speech). For example, if your phone’s language is set to French, but you want to search for a word in English, since the dictionary has far more English translations than the others, you can say anything from as simple as “Japanese Hub: search English” (in French, of course) to “Japanese Hub: I want to do a dictionary search in English/Spanish/French/Portuguese.” Check out the end of ‘getting started’ for more details!

Unfortunately, however, Japanese is not supported as a speech recognition language, so you can’t use a voice search on a word that you heard. I was hoping to include this, but sadly, it won’t be available until (if) Microsoft expands the Japanese speech recognition feature.

Thank you all for your continued support and use of the app!

Get the v2.0 update here!


v1.11 is out with new Background images


First, an announcement, thanks to all of you guys and gals, Japanese Hub was featured on Nokia Conversations and the International Business Times top apps of the week a couple weeks back. This could not have happened without you! Thank you so much for all of your support!

v1.11 is out with some minor changes, one is that some of the background images were altered to reduce contrast, making the test more visible. I also removed one image and replaced it with the one seen here. In addition, I noticed a bug where the new developer notification would be shown daily, even if I didn’t post an update. This has been fixed.

In the next version or two, depending on how quickly I can get things done, I have a little surprise for you all that I think you’ll like. I’ll spill the beans once it’s released!

You can download v1.11 (full version) here and the free version can be downloaded here.

What do you want to see in the app; v1.10 released

Logo with BridgeHello everyone! Thank you for using Japanese Hub! This post is about a few things, but the main thing is to poll you guys to see what you would like to have included in the app. Did you ever think, “Hey, it’d be really cool if it did this?” Let me know in the comments. I read every comment and email that you guys send and try my best to respond to each, when applicable.

Special Thanks

Japanese Hub was recently featured on the Nokia Conversations blog as the #1 app of the week! Nokia is one of the largest supporters of Windows Phone and Windows Phone Apps. Check out the blog post here; you can subscribe to their blog as well, if you’re interested. I would like to thank all of you who are spreading the word about the app via facebook/twitter and word of mouth. This wouldn’t have happened without you (I didn’t even know that they had featured the app until someone told me). Every bit helps tremendously.

What’s New

v1.10 includes some bug fixes and resized app icons so that they’re no longer blurry. Get the update here.

v1.11 (upcoming) – some changes were made to some of the background images to make the text in front of them more viewable. One image was removed and another was added.