Further Updates, Difference Between Free and Full?

I can’t thank everyone enough for using the app, sending feedback,and spreading the word. I deeply appreciate it and it is truly humbling for me.

Bug Fixes

There have been some minor changes within the app, mainly some bug fixes and a change in the advertising.

I think I’ve been able to take care of some issues that were causing the app to crash on the feedback page and when handling the ads. I’m not always able to reproduce the errors that get reported, as the error reports that the app records for me don’t actually tell me what causes the problem, only something like “It happened somewhere in the code that gets the RSS feed,” which happens to be lengthy piece of code. This is the reason that I ask for some details about what was going on when the app crashed; something like, “I went to this page, left the app, came back in, and it crashed.”

I am uploading versions 1.14.2 and 2.2.2 now for wp7 and wp8 and they should be out in about a week.


I’ve changed the advertising service to switch between normal ads and one that serves ads for other apps (a type of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine thing). Believe it or not, since this is a pretty niche app, I don’t make money off of the ads. Well, I think the account says that I made $3 in 3 months. You’ll notice ads that are more colorful and are about other apps and games. If you have the time, please check them out. Developers put months of work into apps, usually outside of their normal jobs and only ask for a few dollars for most apps. Since the Windows Phone ecosystem is still pretty small (about 3% market share in the US and 7%-15% in Europe), every app purchase is a big deal.

Free and Full Versions

A number of people have asked me about the free and full versions and my answer applies to all apps, not just Japanese Hub. With Windows Phone, an app has the ability to check its purchase status (as Trial or Paid), which the developer can use to make a trial version in the same app as the full version. However, I believe that, since users are coming from iOS and Android, which don’t have this function, many people are not aware or accustomed to this functionality and don’t pay attention to apps that don’t have “Free” in the title.

So, when you see an app that has a normal version and a free version, the truth is that they are probably the same. It will be more convenient for you to look at the full version and download the trial if you decide to upgrade later on than to download two versions of the same app.

As far as Japanese Hub is concerned, this is the case. The Free version is locked into trial mode and has “Free” in the title. That is the only difference.


Japanese Hub Update

Logo with BridgeThe latest updates v2.2 and v1.14 (for WP7) are out. You can get the full version here and the free version here.

What’s New

  • bug fixes for the quiz questions, Voice Commands, and other minor UI adjustments
  • the apps now properly show up as “Japanese Hub” and “Japanese Hub Free.” I didn’t notice this for a while, since they always showed up this way in the developer website. I apologize for making it difficult for those who changed from the free version to the full version to know which app was which.
    EDIT: False alarm on the proper name change. It seems to have not worked in the marketplace. I’m trying again and the new version should be approved by the end of the week. I apologize for the error.

What’s Upcoming

This will be a while off, but some things that I want to do include utilizing SkyDrive storage to save your progress and finding a way to update the databases from a web service. This will allow me to correct some of the kanji stroke orders and will allow me to add lessons without having to rebuild the databases and lose data. The intent for all of this is to tie together a phone and tablet/desktop version of the app.

As always, I appreciate all feedback for the app.