Bug fix (and other goodies) coming

Hey guys, I would like to apologize to all of you for the bug that I introduced in the last update that causes a crash on the Kanji Page. I made a change elsewhere and tested the change, but didn’t catch what is causing the crash on the Kanji page. Again, I’m terribly sorry and embarrassed for the inconvenience that I’ve caused you. The next update is in the marketplace and should be out in a few days. In the next post, I’ll detail what’s new along with some other goodies when the update is released.

Michael DiLeo


Japanese Hub anonymous data

In this latest update for Japanese Hub, I’ve included optional anonymous usage data for WP8 devices. You will be prompted only once to allow the data collection (or you can change this under the settings page). The data that I’m collecting is to see which areas of the app users are using the most (or least) so that I can know where to focus on improvements.

Collected Data Fields

Here’s the information that I collect:

  • Date
  • Page Name
  • Page Type
  • Time span
  • App version (Free / Full / Trial)

Also, this version contains a fix to the pesky bug on the feedback page that caused a crash when leaving the app. I’m uploading now and it should be approved within a week!