Progress Update

Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all for using Japanese Hub and for helping me to make it the best app for learning Japanese on Windows Phone, or anywhere else, for that matter. Thanks to you guys, the app is now around 15,000 total downloads! Woo-hoo!

Progress Updates

I know that updates aren’t coming as often as they used to, namely because I am now working full time. However, I still work on the app and have some features that are almost complete. An additional feature that I will be adding will be a popup lesson whenever there is a holiday approaching. The idea is that, if a Japanese Holiday is coming up, you’ll get a quick lesson about that holiday and how the locals celebrate it.

I am still working on the Windows 8 port for the app. So far, the app is navigable to every portion and can sync with your Windows Phone app (this also means that you won’t have to re-buy) if you sign in with your Microsoft Account. I have almost finished implementing Text to Speech (the speaking ability), but I still need to add the custom list section, settings pages, and other miscellaneous things. I am working as diligently on the app as I can and I believe that you will really like the Windows 8 version.

Again, I thank you all for being such great customers and for taking the time to let me know about features that you want or bugs that you’ve found. ありがとうね!(^^)