New Updates

I would like to thank all of you that emailed me and told me about some issues that you encountered while using the app.

I have good news for you all, I’ve managed to fix most of the bugs that caused crashes when resuming the app (leaving and coming back). You can get the update, v5.8.0 from the store at these links:
Get the free version here!
Get the regular version here!

Or you can scan this QR code:


v5.7.3 is available

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank you all for using Japanese Hub and for leaving such wonderful reviews.

I recently received word that there was an error on a couple of Katakana, so I’ve updated the database. The only issue is that it requires a re-install in order to get the new information. If you would like to have your progress and study list saved, just sign in and give the app a minute to sync (I don’t use any of your personal information, just a unique ID for syncing).

The reason that you need to do a reinstall is that the app can’t actually work with a database file that is shipped with it, so it needs to work with a copy. I plan to do updates in the future over the web, like how syncing is done; unfortunately, working full time now has limited my ability to make updates.

Please continue to send me your suggestions and feedback; thank you all for using Japanese Hub.

You can get Japanese Hub Free WP8 here.
Japanese Hub WP8
I will update the WP7 version soon!