End of Free Trial (For real this time) and W8 Version

So, to my embarrassment, I have to say that you’ve gotta love version control. It messed something up (won’t go into details and bore you) so that everyone has been getting the free version for the past month. I hope you guys have enjoyed the app! But, it is fixed now.

However, I do have actual good news. I had previously made the Windows 8 version of the app and almost finished it, but I wanted to make the app universal and better designed; however, since I am now employed full time, that will take forever. So, I’m working on finishing up the Windows 8 version of the app and publishing it to you guys. A lot of work has gone in to it, so the plan for now is that, if you have purchased the phone or Windows 8 version, the other one will only cost $2. Why? Simply, it was not a quick or easy port. It took a lot of time to do, so I’d like to get a little something for it, since I don’t get any money from the ads. I host ads for apps in exchange for having my app advertised.

Here’s a screen shot of the home screen:

Hope you guys enjoy!


I Goofed

Hey guys,

As the title suggests, I goofed. For the past week, I gave every new downloader full access to the app.

What I did was change my trial checking code while testing something and forgot to change it back, so all new downloaders got the whole app for free!
So, if you guys could do me a favor by reviewing and recommending the app to your friends and on your social networks, I’d really appreciate it. As a side note, you can share words, phrases, kanji, and dictionary entries; check out the menu options for those sections (or hold gesture for the dictionary).

Thanks a bunch guys!