Romaji -> Kana Conversion in 5.10!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d bring you some news about the app. I just published version 5.10 to the store with 2 main features. The first is that I fixed the crashing bug on the quiz page. The second is that you now no longer need to have a Japanese keyboard to search for Japanese terms on the dictionary page! Woo-hoo!

The new Kana converter should make it more convenient to type in Rōmaji for Hiragana and Katakana conversions. I still think that using a Japanese QWERTY or 12-Key keyboard is the way to go, but this should make quick searches more convenient. Though, again, having to read a Japanese 12-key and type things out will help you to recognize the Japanese characters more quickly.

Here is what it looks like. By default, kana conversion is off, but when you tap the text, the new kana text will open up and show you the conversion. Hope you guys like it!

Dictionary page


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